Working Woman

Alright, so to follow up on my last post I wanted to give more details about where exactly I’ve been the past few months and what’s been going on!

One of the biggest changes is that back in March I decided to get a second job!

Matt and I have been working so hard since November to pay off some of the credit card debt we have from the honeymoon and first year of marriage (moving to a new city with no jobs will really getcha). And so I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and get a second job and work a few nights a week since I’m able to.

If you know me you know I genuinely enjoy working, being busy, and making extra money, so getting a second job wasn’t that tough of a decision to make.

Another reason we decided it would be a good idea is that since my first job is nannying I don’t have any co-workers or a lot of social interaction. That is something that has been hard since I am so outgoing and thrive off of being around people, so a second job with co-workers around my age seemed like the perfect fit!

I got a job at a local ice cream shop down town and have really enjoyed it so far! I’ve loved making new friends and being surrounded by people that are my age! Even just the vibe of being downtown where there is always something going on is fun too!

I will say, however, that it definitely has been harder than I expected and in different ways than I expected.

Working full time plus working 3/4 nights a week is really not hard for me, as most people would expect. Sure I get tired some days but that isn’t a negative for me it’s more just the nature of it. What IS hard is the amount of time I’m away from Matt. It’s very hard to spend quality time together when I have an hour between jobs but he is still working, and then I don’t get home till 10 or 11 and all we want is to watch a show and go to bed.

I’m not able to be home to make dinners most nights out of the week or just be home to have dinner with him and catch each other up on how our days went (we call them our “Daily Downloads” lol). But once you’re married you learn how important it is to have time set where you are intentionally hanging out and connecting, not just watching tv together or sitting in the same room.

On top of that, our roles are pretty reversed now which is a little bit confusing.

Matt and I both naturally follow the whole gender role thing where we believe he is the head of the household, the provider, etc. and would love for me to one day be a stay at home mom and take care our home and kids. That being said, it’s funny to be in a position now where I am the breadwinner working two jobs while Matt is in school. I enjoy being able to support Matt in a way where he is able to focus on school which in the long run will allow him to be the main provider, but it is funny right now because he is the one cooking his own dinners and I’m out making the money haha!

The other reason the second job is difficult is because I honestly just don’t have time to blog AT ALL. I am so busy all week and then when I’m free all I want is to hang out with Matt and our friends. So that is another reason why I went MIA for so long, it’s really been a balancing act of prioritizing the things in my life and trying not to spread myself too thin.

So to close, I just want to encourage any of you out there working multiple jobs, make sure you are prioritizing everything in your life so that you are functioning well and not being constantly drained.

That’s why I’m trying to get back to blogging, I was doing a bad job prioritizing before and now I’m trying to get back to it in a way that isn’t overwhelming. So posts won’t be up on specific days or anything life that, it’s not healthy to add pressure to myself like that. I’m gonna write when I have something to say and hope people enjoy when it finally goes live!

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  1. 🎉woo hoo! I look forward to every word of wisdom, every time🎉

    Your frame of mind, work ethic, perseverance, protector of your marriage, deep love for your husband and adoration of your Father God are building blocks for a very strong foundation in your life and your marriage. Very proud of you Bekah Lynn 😘

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