Trust-in-Him Muscles

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Well it’s been a minute since my last post but it’s good to be back. After a crazy summer with a loaded schedule things are finally starting to simmer down and get a little more stable. In my last post I talked about having two jobs; full time nannying and a part time job at an ice cream shop down town. But boy oh boy have things changed. I now have one job and it is neither of those!

439F21B6 8FC2 4F75 8F9B E2047DEF7B10 225x300 - Trust-in-Him MusclesBack in August the family that I nannied for decided to enroll all of the kids in school, which I think was really for the best! So although I miss them so much every day, I feel thankful for the time I got to spend with them making tee-pees and making letter shapes with sticks. I think the hardest part about that transition was knowing that the decision to put them in school was absolutely the best decision but also knowing how much I would miss them, and ya know, the whole livelihood part too.

This major change pretty much started a whole domino effect of change for Matt and I, but through it all God’s goodness has been completely overwhelming and I couldn’t keep it to myself.

When I started my job hunt I felt this overwhelming feeling of knowing that God would have to provide the right job. I had been making really good money nannying and so I felt completely discouraged knowing that the majority of jobs I was looking into would be a significant pay cut. On top of that, I really prefer working business hours and having weekends off so that Matt and I have time together. 

With my previous leasing experience that, of course, was my first choice, but my last leasing job I worked almost every Saturday and Sunday.

God provided. The first application I sent in, totally on a whim (on my phone via Indeed without thinking twice), called me back the next week. We set up an interview and I got the job! The pay is exactly the same as I was getting before, and it’s only one 4 hour Saturday shift a month. Thank you, God!

On top of it being perfect on paper, the environment is exactly what I needed. Everyone is so friendly and sweet, and I can already tell that management and the company truly cares for their employees. I love going to work every day! (I honestly think I’m most excited for wearing cute office clothes again because truth be told I really love that)

Once I had received that offer letter I had two put in my two weeks notice at the ice cream shop. With my nannying job I got off earlier so it was easier to make it work, but it would have been way too much to work the leasing job and another job on top. That was hard cause I had made a lot of great friends there but in the long run it just wasn’t doable.

Fast forward a week I started my first day at my new job, right before lunch time I saw Matt was calling me, and he never calls me when he knows I’m working -especially my first day. I ran out to lunch to answer and he explained that his boss had just sat him down to tell him that unless he could change his school schedule to give more availability that this was his 30 day notice. 

Right when we had felt settled and stable with me, it all changed for him. This was especially worrisome because we got our insurance through Matt’s employer and they have really great benefits. We both went home that night and agreed that we both had this weird feeling of knowing that everything happening around us was stressful but we both felt peace. After taking a few deep breaths we decided to just trust God’s plan.

Like clockwork, same as me, within 3 weeks Matt already had another  job offer for decent pay and hours that worked with his school schedule. God continues to provide over and over again for us and it’s certainly strengthening our we-trust-Him-muscles. I told Matt I think God just likes to keep us humble and show us over and over again He’s in control.

If you saw my Instagram post recently on how God had overwhelmingly been blowing our minds, THIS ISN’T EVEN IT! This is the prequel to that post so you’ll understand that one more. Stay tuned 😉

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  1. Thanks! Was holding my breath there!! So happy all is good n especially that you love your jobs, SO very important!!! And yes I learned God is in control!!

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