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First off, if you didn’t read the title in Drakes voice then I’m already upset. But go ahead, keep reading. 

About  month ago God blew my mind. Blew Matt’s mind. Then blew them both again, and again. It was unreal. Three separate things happened so I’m going to tell the stories individually.

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1. If you read my last post you’ll know that Matt and I have been going through a lot of change and transition with work recently. During our transition money was a little tight since we were trying to set as much as we could aside for when Matt was done with his job. It was a Friday afternoon and I was at work when one of my residents brought a very large package to the office and said that it was addressed to the past resident. I called the past resident who explained that they didn’t live locally and couldn’t come get it.

He then said that the package was from Blue Apron (a company similar to Hello Fresh, with ingredients for meals with recipes), he said “I don’t know if this is weird, but Blue Apron won’t accept a return, so there are 3 meals worth of ingredients in there, you can take it home!” Which at first was shocking but then I thanked him and said okay! On my drive home I called Matt and jokingly said “God just sent an angel with three yummy meals for us!!” Matt knows I cant cook, and hate cooking, so this was a HUGE blessing because not only did we get free food, it’s already portioned out for exactly what the recipe calls for and it’s SUPER easy. So, blessing 1: 3 free meals the week that money was tighter than normal.

7FC5F401 FFB7 4D09 B578 64971213AC09 225x300 - blessings on blessings on blessings2. If you’ve read our testimony post you know that Matt and I didn’t always plan on going into ministry. Back in high school most people would have laughed REALLY hard if you told them that that was in our future. I’ve loved Matt for a very long time, and a lot of that time I had serious doubts of whether or not he’d be capable of one day being the spiritual leader I needed. I say all this to preface what happened in blessing number 2.

Four days after we got the free meals I was on my lunch break doing my quiet time and I was reading James. The passed 2 months Matt and I have been leading a bible study going through the book of James and so that particular day I decided to just read it straight through. At the very end of James there was a prayer I had written in there years ago. Basically the prayer was written after Matt and I had a fight and it was just praying for Matts heart.

Reading it I just remembered that time in my life where I truly believed God revealed to me that Matt’s life would eventually bring God glory, but having NO IDEA how we were going to get there. As I was sitting there reading this prayer I was overcome with God’s faithfulness. We now live in Lynchburg, VA for Matt to pursue full time ministry and is now leading a bible study going through the same book of the bible I wrote this prayer in. Blessing 2: God’s overwhelmingly tangible faithfulness.

3. The same day that I read that prayer during my lunch break I was on my way home from work and I had been crying just because I was overwhelmed with all of the change going on and a lot of emotions that I had been holding in. When I got home I got to our front door and someone had left an little envelope with an anonymous letter and money they were giving us. They basically said God had put us on their heart to give this money to anonymously. As you can imagine, I cried more. Matt did too, don’t let him tell you otherwise. Blessing 3: anonymous gift of money, and knowing God put us on someone else’s heart (which honestly is more impactful than the money).

I always feel this overwhelming sense of unworthiness. God has blessed me with an amazing family, childhood, Husband, and now the honor of being called into ministry. Why would God choose Matt and I?? We are beyond unworthy. So when God takes it the extra mile and blesses us so obviously and tangibly it truly just brings me to tears. God’s given us a story and a voice and I think I wouldn’t be stewarding either of those things well if I kept these blessings to myself.

When you decide to listen to God and pull closer to Him, He shows himself to you, He shows off, and He gives peace when life around you is chaotic and stressful.  I used to think that being called to ministry was picking the short stick, but now I can’t imagine us doing anything else.

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  1. Thanks again!! Helping me a lot!- you are an amazing young newly Wed couple I’m SO HAPPY for you both n your wonderful happily ever after love story….ENJOY!!! Love you n hope we get together some day!

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