About Me

fullsizeoutput 2084 300x200 - About MeHey there! My name is Bekah, but my friends call me Beks and my family calls me Bekah Lynn, so you have quite a few options to choose from… Either way, I am so glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Just to immediately set the scene of what to expect here,if we were in person I would already be asking you about your life, your family, and of course if you wanted to be best friends.

I love writing as if I was talking to a friend over coffee, sharing advice on life, love, friends, and real issues. I’m a young house wife and I live in Lynchburg, VA with my (hot AF) husband, and high school sweetheart, Matt who is currently pursuing a degree in Theology and Apologetics at Liberty University. I’m a full time nanny and although I thought that would make my baby fever go away it has actually just made it a million times worse. I’m fluent in English and sarcasm, I love kids, and I hate long walks… even on the beach. My favorite ice cream flavor is toasted coconut and I’m known for being unexpectedly blunt. Above everything else, I put God first and firmly believe that you can thank Him for my sense of humor.

I hope to share life with you through stories, advice, and hopefully a baby announcement ASAP (kinda kidding but not really). Most of our friends tell me and Matt that we should have our own reality show so buckle up because things on this blog get unfiltered and REAL.