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Hey there! My name is Bekah and I’m so happy that you decided to stop by. Simply October is a lifestyle blog focused on unfiltered authenticity. I hope that reading my posts feels like getting coffee with me. Let’s get to know each other more over time. As you read my posts you’ll learn all about my life as a young, married, puppy mom. I love giving advice and sharing stories that others can relate to, and I’ve got a lot of them!

Many of you may be wondering why I decided to use the name Simply October, and I love explaining it! This blog is not centered on one specific niche, I can’t bake well and I certainly cannot teach you how to sew, but I can relate to you in a genuine way.  This blog is about life in general. I think all young girls/women just want to relate to one another, and this is just the place to do it! I’ll be talking about dating (my husband and I were high school sweethearts), getting married young, insecurities, and much more. When I was brainstorming (for what felt like forever) on a name I just kept thinking about the month of October when my husband and I fell in love, it was so simple and yet led to an amazing marriage and now a blog! …and honestly it’ll lead to a baby before long so just sit back, subscribe, and enjoy the ride!


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